Sandy Beach Marina

Sandy Beach Marina is a family owned and operated marine dealer, service/repair center, dock rental, and storage facility on the Portage Lakes in Akron, Ohio.

We offer over 100 summer docks, winter storage both indoors and outside, and on-site marine service by certified/trained technicians and a well qualified machinist. To meet your storage needs, we have two 52,000 lb. forklifts designed to lift your boat with capabilities of lifting 10,000 lb. boats securely and safely, and 4 overhead hoistes in house.

Our in house service department has a tire changing machine, and wheel balancer. Two tig welders and four mig welders for diffent metals and aplications. One Lathe, and two mills, for fabrication purposes.

Additionally, we also make custom boat covers and provide a full range of upholstery services. Every boat sold from Sandy Beach Marina is tested on the lake not on a hose, like some marinas not located on a lake will do. When it comes to rigging boats, we can go as wild as 112 mph stv, and as calm as pontoons. No matter the type or size, we do it your way.

Sandy Beach Marina was built in 1957 and is located on the south side of Cottage Grove Lake, which is one of the Portage Lakes. Today, James and Zana Genovese own Sandy Beach Properties Inc, located at South Main St. The Genovese family has owned the property since 1984 and continues to upgrade and expand operations on the lake.

The Genovese family has been on the Portage Lakes Since the early 1950′s. The family consists of Jim, Zana, and young Jim. To this day young Jim spends his daily life working to make your boating experience as pleasurable as he possibly can. Jim regularly attends courses in continuing education to stay up to date and certified on the newest motors to service anything and everything he can.

Since 1984, The Marina has grown greatly. The addition of 2 rack buildings capable of holding over 160 boats in racks has been an instrumental part of that growth. In order to accommodate more watercraft, the expansion also includes another 2 acres of secure, fenced in outside storage. The marina also has over 100 dock spaces on the lake, making it one of the largest throughout the Portage Lakes. A full service department is available to provide service your for craft of choice, and a gas dock to fuel your vessel.

Young Jim says “I feel very lucky to have been raised and to work on this lake. The Portage Lakes have their own personality unlike any other lake in the world. For those of you that can say you’re a laker, you are one of the lucky few that know what I am talking about. I used to think of these lakes were like a mini inter-coastal where you can boat around and go from restaurant to restaurant or bar to bar. The number of fantastic homes on the lake have also continued to grow. Many people love to come out and take a tour by boat and look at some of these gorgeous homes located on the Portage Lakes. Not only do lakes have alot to offer as far as activities, the lakes also carry a very rich, deep history that I am proud to be a part of.”

Sandy Beach Marina